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Your optimized description is headed to your inbox.

Your optimized description is headed to your inbox.

Give our AI copywriter about five minutes to analyze your listing and produce your description.

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A linkedin post of a user saying how much they enjoyed using AutoMate to write their Airbnb description.A linkedin post of a user saying how much they enjoyed using AutoMate to write their Airbnb description.
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Attract guests and satisfy the Airbnb algorithm

Save time and stop stressing about writing the perfect ode to your vacation rental. Our real-life expert copywriter — with nearly a decade of experience in the vacation rental industry — trained an AI assistant on the ins and outs of crafting a compelling Airbnb description.

Our model analyzes your existing listing, amenities, and guest reviews to zero in on what makes your property stand out. You'll get an optimized title and description sent right to your inbox — designed and formatted to rank in guest searches and capture attention.

Sit back and let our AI copywriter do your hard work. (But nobody's perfect, including robots, so double-check for accuracy!)


How is this better than just using ChatGPT?

AutoMate pulls information straight from your Airbnb listings, including from photos and those glowing reviews, to create compelling, copywriter-quality descriptions in just a minute—no manual work required. Our tool is tailor-made for vacation rentals, ensuring your listings shine without the hassle of copy-pasting or staying on top of the latest AI trends.

Plus, it's cost-effective, saving you time and the need for other expensive AI tools. With AutoMate, you get the expertise of seasoned copywriters and the latest AI advancements at your fingertips.

How does it work?

We're training the latest AI models on how to generate description summaries optimized for attracting guests and satisfying the Airbnb algorithms. Just provide a link to your property, and we'll email you an optimized description for your listing and tips on how to improve.

How much does this cost?

Totally free, for your first description.
Have more listings or want to try the Pro version? Check out our Pro plans.

How long does it take to receive my description?

Just a couple minutes!

Can I make revisions to the generated description?


With Pro descripions, you can ask the AI to revise a description based on your feedback.

Of course, you can also make edits directly when you copy the description into your listing.

I have multiple properties to optimize, can AutoMate help?


We help property managers optimize their entire portfolio of properties with custom trained models tailored to their brand and market needs.

You can also add and manage multiple properties in the Manage Listings dashboard or request early API access.

Can I use AI to optimize my photos/pricing/amenities/other aspects of my listing?

Yes! We can provide recommendations and custom support in using the latest AI models to optimize your Airbnb listings.

Email us to learn more or Schedule a 15-minute meet-and-greet with our team.

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