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Airbnb Description Template


[Charming/Cozy/Spacious] [Type of Property: Home/Apartment/Condo] in [Neighborhood or City] with [Unique Feature]


Welcome to our [adjective that describes the vibe of your place] [type of property], located in the heart of [neighborhood/city]! This [number of bedrooms] bedroom, [number of bathrooms] bathroom [type of property], perfect for [type of travelers, e.g., couples, families, solo travelers, business travelers], boasts [list of top features, e.g., a fully equipped kitchen, a cozy fireplace, stunning views, a private pool, etc.]. Experience the comfort of home while exploring all that [city/region] has to offer!

The Space

Our [type of property] is designed with [type of aesthetic, e.g., modern, rustic, vintage] touches to ensure a memorable stay. Here's what you'll enjoy during your visit.

- [Bedroom details: size of bed(s), linens, special features]
- [Bathroom details: shower/tub, toiletries, towels]- [Living area: seating, entertainment options like TV or games]
- [Kitchen details: appliances, cookware, special amenities like a coffee maker]
- [Any additional rooms or outdoor spaces, e.g., balcony, garden, patio]
- [Special features or extras, e.g., air conditioning, heating, Wi-Fi, gym access, etc.]

Guest Access

You will have full, private access to the entire [type of property] during your stay. [Include any restrictions or shared spaces, if applicable, e.g., "The backyard pool is shared with the main house", "Parking is available for one vehicle", etc.]

Other Things to Note

- [Any house rules, e.g., no smoking, no pets, quiet hours]
- [Check-in/Check-out times]
- [Cleaning practices, especially if enhanced due to health and safety concerns]
- [Safety features like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, first aid kit]
- [Any accessibility features]

The Neighborhood

Your stay will be just minutes away from [local attractions, e.g., museums, parks, landmarks]. The [neighborhood/city] is known for [characteristics, e.g., vibrant nightlife, serene nature trails, historic architecture]. Enjoy easy access to [nearby amenities, e.g., cafes, supermarkets, public transportation]. Don't miss out on [local favorite spots or insider tips], [call to action].

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